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Access Control Security Systems

The Ins And Outs Of Access Control Security Systems

Limiting access to a building or facility is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase the overall level of security. Access control security systems is a security concept that applies to a wide range of industries, including schools, large corporate campuses, financial institutions, government facilities, hospitals and countless others.

These systems authorise who may enter a facility and who may not. Modern access control security systems often incorporate passwords, cards, PINs, retina/iris scans, fingerprint scans and many other access control elements.

When access control security systems are installed and identification values are issued to users or subjects, it is important to ensure that:

  • Each value should be unique
  • A standard naming scheme should be followed
  • The values should be non-descriptive of the user’s position or task
  • The values should not be shared between the users

There are three authentication factors to consider when installing access control security systems:

  • Something a person knows, like a password or a pin. Unfortunately this is the least expensive option, but the least secure one.
  • Something a person has, like an access card or a key. This option is very expensive, but also very secure.
  • Something a person is – biometrics. The biometrics option is the most expensive, but also the most secure. Types of biometric authentication methods include:

    • Fingerprint
    • Palm scan
    • Hand geometry
    • Retina scan
    • Iris scan
    • Signature dynamics
    • Keyboard dynamics
    • Voice print
    • Facial scan
    • Handy topography

The high-tech systems mentioned above also have very basic equivalents like a car alarm remote, a keypad for setting an alarm, a PIN used at an ATM and even a turnstile at a shopping centre.

If you would like to know more about the various access control security systems available on the market, feel free to contact us.