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Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control – An Introduction

A biometric access control system makes use of a computerised method to identify people based on their physical characteristics before granting access to secure facilities.

Cards or PINs can easily be broken, stolen, or lost. Biometrics are completely unique and unlike a card or PIN, they can never be used by someone else, lost or even left at home by accident. Biometric access control is more secure and reliable than any of the above mentioned systems.

Any biometric access control system will consist of a biometric access control reader or scanner. This is the unit which captures the raw data in the form of fingerprint or information from iris scan, etc. This data is then analysed and compared to the person’s characteristics against the previously enrolled record.

If the two records match, the person is authenticated. If the time is within the authorised period for entry, the device will signal and release the electric door lock, thereby granting access to a person through a biometric access control system.

Benefits of a biometric access control system:

  • The system can be used to monitor and limit access throughout a facility, ensuring employees and visitors alike only have access to approved areas.
  • Whether from the end user’s point of view or that of the installer, a biometric access control system is easy to use and all administrative tasks can be performed by using a simple web browser.
  • Due to the lack of server requirements and associated software support costs, post-installation costs are minimised.
  • The time and attendance solution concept of a biometric access control system has helped many small as well as large businesses alike to combat various short comings.


The most common aspect of biometrics being used for access control is fingerprints. The best solution for a small business is to opt for a fingerprint access control system. In more secure areas like government buildings and airports, iris/retina systems and other hi-tech approaches are being used.

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