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Access Control in Pretoria

Security Products For Access Control In Pretoria

Everybody is always criticising the high crime rate in South Africa especially those expats who sit on the sidelines pointing fingers and saying how great life is elsewhere. The truth is that crime is problem around the world and people are always looking for ways and means to protect themselves from the criminal element. The best way to do this is to have the most effective measures for access control in Pretoria installed.

There are many different types of security products on the market to assist you in improving your security measures through access control in Pretoria. The most basic of these is of course security gates the most innovative of these being retractable with an integrated slam lock. A slam lock on your security gates allows you to instantly lock and secure an area without the use of a key.

Next you have electronic and magnetic locks. These can be used both in and out of doors for gates and doors. The electronic or magnetic mechanism normally works in conjunction with a keypad, swipe card scanner or remote control device to allow access through the door or gate. These types of innovative access control locks are ideal for use where many people require access to a premises or restricted area within a premises. As long as someone has the right password, magnetic swipe card or remote, they will be able to gain access.

The latest security technologies involving access control in Pretoria are referred to as biometrics. Biometrics uses the human body as the password to gain access through electronic or magnetic door and gate locks. The most common of these are fingerprint scanners. Every person in the world has a unique fingerprint that can be entered into a computer security system. A fingerprint scanner can then read the print of a person trying to gain access and then access the computer data base to find whether they are authorised to enter and release the lock.

Iris scanners work in much the same way except that the eye is scanned instead of a fingerprint. Hand mapping has also become quite popular in the world of biometric access control. It is important to research all the advances that have been made in access control technology to ensure that you have the most up to date security measures in place.

For more information on how security products for access control in Pretoria can improve your security protocols, you can contact us.