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Access Control Systems

Intercom Access Control Systems

One of the most effective access control systems that have been in use for many years is a simple intercom. An intercom can be placed at any main access points to a property or building as well as in other areas that require restricted access control. A person can relay information regarding who they are and their reason for wanting to enter an area without actually coming face to face with anyone.

Most intercom access control systems work in conjunction with electronic locking mechanisms. These locking mechanisms are attached to the intercom allowing the door or gate to be opened at the push of a button. As no keys are required, these electronic door or gate locks provide a tamper proof security solution for access control.

These intercom systems can also be used in union with a number of other access control systems. For example, the incorporation of a security or CCTV camera at the intercom access point can allow you to see and hear a person wishing to gain entry. These security cameras can record all relevant access control information and store the data so that it can be viewed at any time.

A keypad can be added to your intercom device meaning that authorised persons with the correct password will not need to use the intercom system every time they need to enter a specified area. Remote control devices are another good way to grant access to authorised people without using the intercom system. Magnetic swipe or smart cards can also be used in this way.

A panic button can also be integrated into you intercom access control systems. The panic button can be used to activate and alarm or send a silent signal to an armed response unit should an unauthorised person try to gain access. Alternatively, the intercom system can be assimilated into an existing alarm system that will both sound an alert and send a message to a security response team.

There are many other products for access control systems that you can use to limit or totally prevent any entry to some or all people. Make sure that you find out more about these products before settling on only using an intercom or any of the above mentioned products for your safety and security.

To find out more about intercoms and the other access control systems that are available on the market, you can simply contact us.