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AUTOMATIC GATES – the gateway to safety

Until recently, most people associated automatic gates with the wealthy or with commercial and town-house complexes, but the last ten years have seen a new trend toward the installation of gate systems on private Homes as South Africans are steadily becoming more security conscious as crimes goes on the rampage, and these days prevention is the key. While an automatic drive gate will not keep a persistent intruder out, it will make the average burglar pass by your Home and go where there is no barrier. There are true security-style automatic gates, like those used in prisons or on embassies, but they are quite expensive so most Homeowners find that a residential type, wrought iron style automatic gate is perfectly adequate as a burglary preventative.

Automatic gates don't just end there as there are also several controls available that enhance the security of an access control system. Most Homeowners want to use a hand-held remote control or a simple programmable keypad that uses a four digit code and most often they want to have some kind of voice communication between the gate site and the house, and the simplest type of control that achieves this is a simple intercom with a master station in the house and a remote station at the gate site. A camera in the gate-station further aids in identifying the visitor.

When you are thinking about getting automatic gates, the first thing to consider is the swing of the gate as you will definitely need to make sure that you have enough space regardless of how the gate opens and you also need to make sure that in case of an emergency, the gate can still open without a problem.

utomatic gates are installed by many different kinds of companies including fence contractors, and each industry brings its own strengths and weaknesses to the process, but companies like Tandem Security don't have any weakness, they simply do the job professionally, installing only the best automatic gates, ensuring satisfied clients.