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Home SECURITY SYSTEMS – not a false alarm

The sight of security guards at business centres is ever more common and their role is to prevent unauthorized intruders and theft, but a private dwelling can suffer loss and damage as well and Home security systems are becoming more and more prevalent. At the heart of most security systems is a computer controlled by a single operator. Acting on information from a range of sensors, the computer monitors intruders, and is not fooled if a wire to a sensor is cut; that action would raise an alarm. The most advanced sensors are those that detect movement. Ultrasonic detectors send out high frequency sound waves which are reflected in a predictable pattern by walls and they can detect if the reflected sound is disrupted, as it would by the movement of an intruder.

One will feel a whole lot better when you install a surveillance security camera as a Home security system in your Home or business. No matter what your reason, the fact that your property is better protected is a boost, and if you are away from your business, a camera can monitor the activities there as well. Night vision cameras combine a black and white camera with infrared illuminators for night time surveillance. Even if you use colour night vision cameras, they will switch to black and white at night.

Electric gates and fences, which are a very popular Home security systems, are designed to specification, make the Home far more attractive and secure. An intruder will think twice before trying to enter a Home that is well protected with electric fencing. Having an electric fence put up doesn't cost a fortune and it you have a steel fence or a concrete wall for that matter, electric wiring can be placed on top of the existing wall or fence. An alarm system can protect you on the perimeter of your Home, thus warning you of a security breech before anyone can actually get in. A security system inside your Home will pick up an intruder and warn you as to where he is, as well as trigger an alarm.

To protect your Home, you have a number of options and Tandem Security can advise you on what type of Home security system is best suited for your type of environment.