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Access Control Systems From Tandem Security

Access control systems have proliferated in recent years.  Electronic advances and recent developments have afforded business and home owners many options with regards to access control systems, tailored to their specific needs.  Tandem Security is at the forefront of access control technology and can supply and install any system you require at your business or private residence.

Access control starts at the perimeter of your property.  It is no use having an excellent home alarm, but the alarm only sounds when an intruder is already halfway into your house.  Electric fencing is the perfect perimeter deterrent and you may link your fence to a siren or your home alarm to alert you of a fence breach or when someone is tampering with the fence.  In addition to the electric fence, we recommend that you bolster it with the next line of defence: laser beams in your garden. 

These should be placed at strategic spots like in corridors that lead up to the house and through which an intruder would have to pass to reach your house.  Several zones can be programmed into the base station and more sensors may be added; the system may even be set up to notify you by SMS of a triggered zone.  You can also make your environment easier to navigate and appreciably safer by automating your gate and garage doors.  In addition, let us install an intercom with a camera at your gate, so you can remotely see and control who enters the property.

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