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Contact Tandem Security For Any Security Systems Installation

Contact Tandem Security for any security systems installation, whether it is at a business premises or a private residence.  Private homes without security systems are becoming easy targets for criminals and you can do much to bolster your house’s safety and security standard with a proper security systems installation.

Security systems have become so advanced that they are very difficult to fool.  It would not work to cut an electric fence wire or disable a laser motion detector by disconnecting it – these actions would trigger the alarm.  In fact, Tandem can install a system that can notify you by SMS which zone has been breached or tampered with.  Our electric fences are your first barrier on your property perimeter and these can be supplemented by motion sensors around the house to detect movement.

Tandem Security’s fully integrated and comprehensive security systems have made us a preferred supplier at many an embassy.  Embassies require specialised security systems that are compatible with the high traffic volumes experienced, yet still provide adequate protection.  A boom gate is usually the best way to regulate vehicular access, and an intercom system with camera can be installed at the gate to monitor visitors and control access.  Our electric fences and telephonic intercom access control systems are available with backup power supplies to ensure uninterrupted operation even during power failures.  Additional features like CCTV with digital video recording may be added to the system as well.

Tandem Security can perform these and any other type of security systems installationContact us today.

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