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Home Security Devices

Tandem Security Supplies Advanced Home Security Devices

The electronic era has brought with it advanced home security devices that were unfathomable only thirty years ago. Tandem Security supplies and installs the latest home security devices and products that protect South Africans, their property and their families.

Remote control technology has really taken off and today we cannot imagine our lives without it. Cars are locked an unlocked remotely and access control has benefited from this technology as well. Tandem installs many remotely controlled electric gate and garage door installations. With the crime rate in South Africa having reached critical levels, it is no longer safe to get out of your car to open your gate. Electric fences are nothing new, but nowadays, they are connected to the home alarm to warn you of a fence breach. Other devices are the laser beams that you can install in your garden, to give you advance warning of intruders on your property. These are unobtrusive and are strategically placed to detect intruders before they reach the house.

Intercom systems help you communicate with a visitor at your gate, without having to risk personal contact. An integrated camera can give you a visual of the person as well. CCTV systems have become far cheaper of late and are now a viable option for residential use. We supply CCTV systems and you may buy a system or even rent it. The competent handyman can even purchase one of our DIY systems and install it at his home.

All these modern home security devices have transformed the way we protect ourselves, our family and our property. Contact Tandem Security today for a system custom-designed to suit your needs.

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