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Perimeter Security

Tandem Security Supplies Advanced Warning Perimeter Security Products

Perimeter security is perhaps even more important than your house alarm. That is because perimeter security measures implemented on your property can give you advance warning of an intruder trying to gain entry to your property. If you can detect intruders at the fence, you have far more time to respond. If you have only a home alarm, it will sound when the intruder is already breaking in, and you have precious little time. Tandem Security supplies several such advanced warning and security solutions.

Of course, electric fencing has become the norm for security complexes, factories, government property and other restricted areas. It has also gained popularity for residential use since economies of scale and widespread use have caused prices to decrease. We can install a free-standing electric fence on the perimeter of your property or on top of an existing fence or wall. The fence can be linked to your home alarm system to notify you of a fence breach, either silently or by sounding the siren.

If you do not have an electric fence, or perhaps an intruder has already managed to get in, laser beams in the garden are a useful second-level security measure. We install them strategically to be practically invisible. They are installed in typical funnel areas through which an intruder would have to pass to reach the house.

There are many perimeter security measures that can help protect you and your property, and give you advanced intruder detection. Contact Tandem Security for a security solution that will fit your profile and pocket.

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