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No one can deny that the need for security systems is the greatest that it has ever been and the need for security has pervaded every single aspect of our lives, whether at work or Home, and companies are having to place security high on their agendas as they seek ways to protect the lives of their employees, and realise they cannot afford to compromise on choices in this matter and they want to know that whoever is going to be handling their security, is going to do the job properly. Tandem Security are those people; they are the ones who install the best security systems as well as making sure that their workmanship will act as a bulwark in times of trouble; to keep the enemy out!

The constant need for protection has resulted in the security systems industry promoting high-tech quality products.

Electric Fences:

What can be more assuring at night than glancing out a window and seeing that little twinkle of light pulsing and knowing your defence shields are activated. The energizer is a transformer that can give large quantities of power to the intruder touching the wires; it is the capacity of the energizer that gives the Shock and there is a maximum voltage allowed by law. Electric fences are superb security systems that do a wonderful job against intruders when they are on, which should be all the time.

Electric Gates:

A security gate is the quickest and easiest way to monitor any traffic in or out of your property which will include a combination lock that can be opened only by the use of a pre-determined key code, or you can have a security gate system that includes cameras and a two-way verbal communication device which will alert you when someone is at the security gate asking for admittance.

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