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In ancient and medieval times, castles, fortresses, and walled towns and cities made use of heavy gates that were very hard to open and close, requiring several people to do the job, and were so solid they could withstand invasions; nowadays gates are in comparison very flimsy but are actually built to withstand invasion too, and sliding gate security plays a huge part in securing our Homes as automation avoids the struggle with large and heavy gates;a simple press of a button on a remote control allows access without having to leave the relative safety of our cars.

Sliding gate security does so much more than burglar alarms or household locks and bolts as they actually move the first line of defense out to the perimeter of your property, rather than the front door or the glass in the windows, making your property your own private place, free from prowlers.

Sliding gate security has been borne out of the necessity to economize space and to save time and energy. The gates provide convenience without compromising security and safety and when there is a power failure, the back-up battery allows these strong and sleek sliding machines to quietly continue their vigilant work.

For a property entrance that requires maximum security, a large sliding gate which is impossible to climb and that provides an impregnable barrier against intrusion is required. The Homeowner may decide to use steel gates which match the style of the perimeter fencing in order to maintain consistency around the site.

All of these sliding gate security measures can be automated with heavy duty motors and control equipment to operate them in a variety of ways. The motor and control equipment should be mains powered and protected from unqualified interference.

he house and grounds of a Homeowner can be compared to that of a king’s castle. A king would protect his fortress from invaders and Tandem Security, with their expert knowledge, give us the means to protect our Homes from intrusion today.