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Attached Electric Fences Offer Enhanced Security

Electric fences have proven to be an effective security solution over the past few years. Unlike most other security measures, this protects the perimeter of your property, stopping intruders before they get close to you, rather warn you only once they are inside. It is also effective in keeping things inside, as is the case with wild animals on game farms that employ this type of fencing. Now most of us already have some sort of fencing around our properties, and while you do get something like wall top electric fencing, this is not always a practical solution, or something that you might want. If this is the case, you can always choose to install attached electric fences.

Perhaps your existing fencing or walls could still be breached even with wall top electric fencing, or perhaps you simply prefer full length electric fencing. Attached electric fences make use of the structural support of your current fencing, and enhance it with its own palisades. Combining this type of fencing with your current fencing thus creates a single impenetrable barrier. This provides the perfect solution for properties such as farms or small holdings, or large government or corporate grounds, but can just as easily be implemented for private residential properties if so required. To further enhance your security system, you can even connect the electric fence system to your alarm system, so that your security personnel or armed response company is notified immediately when the fence is tampered with.

At Tandem Security Systems we put safety above everything else, which means you can always trust in the quality of our work and the products we supply. We provide a wide range of security options, ensuring we have the perfect solution for owners of private home, offices and even large properties such as game farms. If you are looking to install attached electric fences or any other variance of electric fencing, contact us and one of our staff members will gladly help you to assess your property and determine what the best solution would be for your specific needs.

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