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Getting Started with High-Definition CCTV Systems

There are thousands of companies throughout South Africa and the rest of the world supplying CCTV systems, and each promising that their systems are the best. How do you sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak? Despite all the many different brands, products and systems available today, there is a clear movement in the industry towards high-definition closed circuit television systems.

CCTV systems in Gauteng remain, without a doubt, one of the best security and safety measures available to property owners for protecting and monitoring their properties. However, for the layman, it can be daunting to design and specify the system that they need. By this, we mean bringing together the various different types of CCTV systems in a tailored package that addresses your property’s specific security needs.

The Need for Site Surveys

To get to grips with what your specific CCTV needs are, a site survey can be used to determine the area that needs to be covered, as well as the resolutions required. It is here where the important decision between an IP network system or HDTV system is determined. Standard analogue systems are dying out, as their resolution is incredibly poor when compared to HD CCTV systems.

At Tandem Security Systems, we provide our valued clients with state-of-the-art CCTV kits designed to meet every budget. Whether you are looking for an entry-level DIY kit or something more advanced, we continue to stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry, in order to bring you the latest technology at the most competitive rates.

Which CCTV Systems Are Available from Tandem Security Systems?

We cater to many different clients, from residential homeowners to industrial concerns, retail outlets and agricultural outfits wanting to protect their machinery and equipment. For every type of client, we have specific solutions aimed at meeting their security needs.

Some of the many systems that we have available include:

  • Full 960H Resolution DVRs capable of recording and playing back at an exceptionally high resolution.
  • D1 Resolution DVRs with high resolution cameras suited for home and corporate applications.
  • Advanced IP cameras with intelligent software for national key points and high-security applications.

We are excited about the arrival of new analogue high-definition cameras with a 720P resolution and 1080P DVRs, which can be connected either to 1.3MP or 2MP cameras.

What You Receive When Choosing our CCTV Systems in Gauteng

When you contract us to install CCTV systems in Gauteng, we install a system that consists of the DVR with a surveillance hard drive, enabling you to view and record footage at all times. The DVR can be connected to an HD television screen or monitor, in order to view the images in real time.

A power supply also provides power to the cameras. Cameras are connected to the DVR through cables, however, wireless connections are also available where line of sight is possible. Should a network cable connect the DVR to a router, then the DVR can be viewed remotely via the internet. Contact us to discuss your CCTV system requirements in greater detail, and for professional feedback and advice on the best solution.

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