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Don’t Let Your Electric Fence Energizer Fail You

Over the past few years the popularity of electric fences has increased tremendously, and it continues to do so. This is no surprise if one considers the excellent security it provides. Not only does it keep intruders away from your loved ones and valuables, but it stops them at the perimeter of your property, rather than warning you only when they are already inside. What makes this an even more attractive security measure is the fact that these fences have evolved over the years and there is no need for these fences to be an eyesore on your property. Neat, aesthetic fences that are just as effective have replaced the bulky, unsightly fences of yesteryear. These fences are available from a number of retailers, but before your rush out and get one, you have to make sure you pay specific attention to your electric fence energizer.

The protection offered by an electric fence lies in the shock it delivers to an intruder touching it. It is therefore imperative that this fence receives the right amount of voltage, and that this power supply is not interrupted. The electric fence energizer is the little device that ensures that this happens at all times. The energizer converts the 220 Volts from the main power supply to direct current. Non-lethal pulses of 9 900 Volts are generated to power the fence. Although this might seem like a lot, electric fences use very little electricity. This is, however, the maximum allowed by law, ensuring that your fence delivers the most protection it can.

Tandem Security Systems do not provide you with a set fence kit, but rather analyse your property and design a custom-made fence that meets your requirements. This might very well mean that you will be getting more than one energizer, ensuring that your entire fence is not rendered useless if one energizer is taken out of the equation. They can also link this to an alarm system that will sound if the fence is tampered with. This can even be linked to an armed response unit.

Contact Tandem Security Systems for sound advice from their expert staff and to make sure you get an electric fence energizer that will not let you down.

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