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You’ve Got the Power with an Electric Fence Energizer

If you were born somewhere between 1961 and 1981 then you are known as generation X who are independent, ambitious and family-centric, while generation Y born from 1982 to 2000 (also known as the Echo Boomers) are more familiar with communications, media, and digital technologies. Tandem Security may have workers from various generations but one thing is for certain, their innovative products forms the new generation in electric fence technology.  Take their electric fence energizer as an example; it offers excellent stability and reliability for domestic and industrial use and will definitely be beneficial to generation X and Y.

An electric fence energizer supplies your fence with power even during a power failure. It derives 220 Volts from the main supply and uses batteries for backup. Unlike the energizers used for animal fence control, Tandem Security products like the Stinger BS series are low impedance and energy limited which can accept long fences. They are perfect for estates, complexes, large corporate parks, old age homes and individual homes. You can choice from a range of affordable domestic products like the Wizard 4 Joule, the Merlin 4 Joule, JVA 4 Joule and the Magnum simplex 8 joule that all offers superior protection for smaller areas.

If you need a high level of security like at an embassy big estate or factory, then your fence needs to be zoned. In other words if the alarm sounds, the armed response team needs to know the location of the problem. Tandem Security’s range of industrial products is the perfect solution for specialized applications and you can consider any of the following: the Merlin Stealth M 28 S, Magnum Shock all, Magnum Smart, Magnum Sectorizer and BS120 Stinger.  It’s always a good idea to have an integrated system that is linked with cameras and access control.

If you are a home owner and not sure if an electric fence energizer is necessary for your needs, contact Tandem Security who makes provision for all domestic households regarding price and quality. Get your quote for commercial and industrial use today and secure your long fences.

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