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Electric fences are used as the first barrier of security in South Africa. If the electric fence is installed correctly, it will protect you in most instances from intruders. Other security devices can be added as an extra. We can now enjoy the wonderful climate outside our homes without feeling unsafe. Keep in mind that an alarm system does not protect you when the doors are open and you are sitting outside.

Domestic electric fencing:Wall top Fence

An intruder will find it extremely difficult to withstand the 9900 Volt shock to enter your premises. The shock from the energizer is non-lethal. It can not seriously hurt or kill an animal or person if the system is installed correctly according to legislation. Electric fences are the ideal first line of defense system.  It can be linked to other security equipment like alarms and cameras that can be monitored remotely. Because Tandem Security Systems has in house staff that is capable of installing advanced CCTV and access control equipment, we are able to integrate our systems to provide a customized solution.

Since December 2012 new legislation was implemented. Act No. 85 of 1993 requires that all electric fence installations must comply with the requirements of SANS 10222-3. It also requires that an accredited person, defined as an electric fence installer, must issue a certificate of compliance for new electric fence installations. Electric fence installations installed before December 2012 are exempted from the new legislation. It has to comply with previous legislation before a certificate can be issued. Tandem Security Systems is accredited to issue a Certificate of Compliance. If a house is sold or rented out, a certificate will be needed. If you want to sell your house, we can issue a certificate of compliance on an old electric fence as long as it complies with previous legislation. We can also assist to upgrade your fence to the necessary specifications.

Tandem Security Systems is a member of the South African Electric Fence Installers Association. That will give our client's piece of mind that they will receive the treatment and high quality workmanship that they deserve. All our fences are designed according to the individual needs. We are serious to offer the highest quality workmanship and after sales service possible. We are able to design and install multiple zone industrial fences according to special specifications. You are welcome to have a look at the standard of the installation on the photo gallery or to ask any technical questions. We can provide you with free quotations on our well-priced electric fences around Gauteng.

Our many years of experience enable us to install an electric fence in a way that it is reliable and gives almost no false alarms. The new energizers are advanced in design and arcing through is minimized.

You are welcome to contact us for a quotation by e mail (tandemsec@mweb.co.za), text message or telephone call to 083 263 2681

Merlin M28 8 Joule(In steel enclosure)       Merlin Druid energizer(Domesticuse)                    
             (Commercial use)


Wall top electric fences (Commercial Installations)                  

Heavy Duty Gate Contact Connect in Series       Attached fences (To clear view)

Commercial wall top electric fences.                     Wall top Stinger electric fences

Free standing Stinger  fences                               Stinger Energizer - 20 Zones

Ht cable to Earth Spikes in conduit

You are welcome to contact us for a quotation by e mail (tandemsec@mweb.co.za) or text message or telephone call to 083 263 2681.


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