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Electric Fencing

Step Up Your Security By Installing Electric Fencing Today

Living in South Africa is not supposed be about cowering behind locked doors and heavy security gates. If you love the outdoors and want to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings, whether it be taking a walk in your own garden or entertaining friends around the braai, you are going to require some form of security. Electric fencing is a popular form of security used at both private residences and business premises.

Electric fencing is the first security barrier that criminals will encounter when trying to break into a property. Custom made high quality electric fencing is usually available at reasonable rates from leaders in the market such as Tandem Security. The function of electric fencing is quite simple – keep the intruders out and ensure the safety of those within the perimeter. You will need to make sure that your fence is high enough to ensure that intruders cannot jump over it.

There are legal limitations on how high you can set the voltage on your electric fence. Make sure that your electric fence is set to the highest possible setting within these legal restrictions. When having one of these fences installed make sure that an alarm is linked to the fence to alert you should the voltage or fence in general be tampered with.

Electric fencing is commonly found at game farms, schools, complexes, private homes, estates and even government properties. Each electric fence constructed and installed can be done so according the clients specifications and requirements. Simply chat to the team at Tandem Security who will be more than willing to assist you. They will even sent a consultant to your premises to advise you on the type of fence you will require and provide you with a quotation.

If you are considering electric fencing for your property, take the time to contact Tandem Security. They will ensure that you are provided with a top quality fence that offers absolute value for money. Waste no more time – have your electric fencing and other security features installed by Tandem Security today.