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Electric Fence Installation

Safety First with Electric Fence Installation

Many homeowners want to provide top class protection for their homes which will ensure that their assets are secured against theft and their families are safe from harm which can be caused by intruders. For this reason one of the first lines of defence for any homeowner is electric fence installation. Electric fence installation is both quick and offers exceptional value for money as a method for securing domestic dwellings.

The installation of electric fencing should be undertaken by qualified technicians due to the fact that the voltages involved in the erection of the fencing can be potentially harmful. Electric fence installation can be undertaken where there is an existing wall on which to install the fencing or in the absence of an existing structure the electric fence can be freestanding. The guiding principle is that the electric fence should be high enough to deter potential intruders and prevent tampering with the fence or its components.

Another consideration when installing electric fencing is to ensure that the fence is supplied with enough voltage to ensure that the fence is tamper proof. Consultants also often recommend that a generator or alternative power supply such as batteries be installed to ensure that current is continually supplied to the fence in the event of a power failure or interruption of the electrical supply to the fence caused by interference with the power lines that supply current to the fence.

Electric fence installation is not limited to domestic housing only. There are electric fencing security solutions that can be employed to protect the contents of factories and warehousing as well as electric fences that are installed at game farms to both prevent game animals from straying outside of the boundaries of the far, and to prevent poaching. Similar electric fences can also be found in agricultural settings such as cattle farms where the fencing keeps animals secure and prevents stock theft.

When a security company is advising homeowners on electric fence installation the consultants often recommend that the electric fence be connected to an armed response company. This provides an additional level of security when the electric fence is breached or tampered with and means that the homeowner does not have to rely on a sometimes stretched municipal police service as a first response to a break in.

In order to ensure that electric fence installation is professionally completed those wishing to install these fences should take advantage of the expertise offered by installation professionals such as those at Tandem Security who will be able to advise the homeowner on which security system would best suit their individual needs.