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Two Great Reasons to Combine Your Security Fencing with CCTV

There is no denying that the crime rates in the country, and specifically in Gauteng, have escalated. Home invasions and hijackings are practically the order of the day, and many people are concerned about their own safety, as well as that of their families and property. Investment in security fencing in Pretoria East has increased dramatically over the last decade, along with investments in other security measures such as CCTV (closed-circuit television), now referred to as VSS (video surveillance software).

While protecting your home with security fencing in Pretoria East is a great idea, it should be part of a bigger strategy. Being able to monitor what is happening outside and inside your home makes sense, especially if you can do this while you are not at home! A more holistic security solution combines various aspects of security technology. A combination of electrical security fencing and VSS is very popular. Both these security technologies serve as visual deterrents, and this will reduce the number of people who attempt to gain unauthorised access to your property. Electric security fencing, from Pretoria in the east to Cape Town in the west, provide a great way to discourage potential intruders, especially if the fence is backed up by visible VSS cameras.

Here are two reasons why you should consider a combination of VSS and security fences if you live in high-risk areas like Pretoria East:

  • You can link components: If you have an electric fence around the perimeter of your Pretoria East property, you can link this to a range of other components that will provide extra benefits. For instance, if someone tries to breach the electrical security fence and the current is interrupted, an alert can be sent out by the system to the security company and/or the owner of the property, indicating the exact location of the breach. Adding VSS cameras that scan the property effectively will allow you to see where the breach is and to spot intruders before they enter the property. You can also link alarms, lighting, messaging, and loud hailer messages to the security fencing, and this means that the relevant people will be contacted in time, and that the intruder will face a range of obstacles before making it into the property.
  • Recording ability: VSS footage is becoming increasingly effective at helping to catch criminals, because VSS recordings are usually legal to use in court. This means that, even if someone does manage to get into the property, you may be able to prosecute more effectively with footage that shows the perpetrator and what happened.

There are many more benefit associated with combining VSS with security fencing in Pretoria East, or anywhere else in South Africa, and if you want to find out more about how to effectively protect your property with effective security measures, just call our team at Tandem Security! We have all the drive and expertise to help you set up the ideal security system for you.

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