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Gate Motors Pretoria

Ways In Which Gate Motors In Pretoria Can Keep You Safe

Are you aware that you are at your most vulnerable to attack and hijackings when leaving your home or arriving back on your property? The minute that you leave your car and are standing defenceless is when the criminal elements in South Africa are the most likely to strike. There is one simple way that you can prevent this from happening to you and that is by simply installing gate motors in Pretoria so that you don’t have to leave your car when you leave or arrive at home.

There are a couple of simple security techniques that you can also employ to ensure that your gate motors in Pretoria provide you with the security you need. First be vigilant and never start the gate motors until you are sure that there are no loiterers standing about your property. These loiterers can slip in while you are busy doing something else and the gate is opening. Secondly, never leave your vehicle until the gate motors have stopped running and your gate is closed. Not doing this leaves you in the same vulnerable position you would be in if you did not have gate motors.

And last but not least, make sure that your gate motors are secured and locked away from prying hands. Gate motors have a manual switch in the event that there is no electricity in which event the gate motors cannot function. These switches can be manipulated to allow intruders access should you not lock the gate motors away securely. You can also choose gate motors that have a back up battery electricity supply so that you will have your safety and security even when the power is out.

For more hints and tips on how you can use gate motors in Pretoria to prevent you being vulnerable on your own property you can simply contact us.