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Ensure Your Safety with Electric Security Fencing by Tandem Security Systems

One of the biggest industries in South Africa is the security industry. Because the crime rate is so high, residents of this country must take many measures to ensure that unauthorised access is prevented to their businesses, homes, and other properties. Assets are important, but more vital than that is the safety of our families and employees, and electric security fencing is one of the best ways to deter intruders from entering properties illegally for ill gain. As a result, the security solutions developed in South Africa are some of the best and most effective in the world.

While normal security fencing can keep people or animals out, electric security fencing is a lot more effective on many levels. Electric fencing used to be frowned upon (and in some places, it was illegal) because, when the current was broken by someone touching the fence, the constant electric stream caused a continuous shock that could result in serious injury, and sometimes death. Developments in the industry now allow for a pulsating electric current, which means a painful shock can still be delivered, but because it is not continuous, serious injury and death are avoided. Tandem’s security fencing can therefore be used in many different environments with safety.

Here are some of the reasons you should invest in top-quality electric security fencing by Tandem Security Systems:

  • The mere sight of electric security fencing is enough to deter intruders. Given a choice between two properties – one with electric security fencing and one with non-electric security fencing – they will inevitably choose the property without the electric fencing. Nobody enjoys a painful shock, and circumventing the electric current is extremely difficult. Intruders know this, so electric security fencing is a visual deterrent before the attempted breach.
  • Our modern security fencing can be incorporated into a comprehensive security solution that includes an alarm system, alerts to a security company, automated lighting of the property, automated recording of the activities on the property, and many other components. This means that there are many security measures working together to ensure the safety of the property and its residents.

We specialise in providing our clients with the most effective security solutions for their budgets, and our technicians are fully qualified. This means that you get the best security services money can buy. We are accredited with the SA Electric Security Fencing Installers’ Association. This means that we can verify current electrical security fencing and issue a Certificate of Compliance as required by law.

You can start small, with basic security fencing, and consult us to help you with the expansion of your security solutions over time by adding more components, such as CCTV (VSS) and alarm systems. This way you can ensure that your security solutions are up to date and that you can change your security solutions as your needs change. At Tandem Security Systems, our great reputation precedes us and we work hard to ensure that we are always abreast of new developments in the security industry. Give us a call today to find out more!

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