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Embassy security should be handled by professionals with the relevant experience

Embassies are by their very nature offices that experience high volumes of traffic, specifically not limited to the people that work there, but visitors from outside. This would make them an easy target from criminal activity or unwanted company. Because of their connection to political matters, it is thus imperative that these offices have sufficient procedures in place to maintain the safety of the premises. Embassy security is a serious matter and should be handled by a reliable and professional supplier with experience in this field, such as Tandem Security. We offer various means of security control, usually best employed in conjunction with each other to guarantee safety.

The most effective way to ensure perimeter security for and embassy and other properties is by making use of electric fencing. It keeps intruders out by delivering a powerful and painful jolt. The fences are available with energizers that will deliver an uninterrupted power supply during power failures, and can be linked to an alarm that will sound when the wires are cut. Infrared beams and sensors are also available to alert you when there is an intrusion on the property and can even be set to warn you about the direction in which the intruder is moving.

There are also different ways of controlling the high volume of traffic in and out of the embassy. Boom security is an effective way to help monitor the coming and going of vehicular traffic, while a telephonic access control system can be used for individuals at the entrance. The B1000 system operates via a cellular network and has it’s own back-up power supply, making it the best access control system of its sort. For restricted areas, Tandem Security also has a selection of access card and tag readers, restricting access to authorised individuals only.

In turn, all of these systems as well as all vulnerable areas of your property can be monitored with a proper CCTV Security Camera system. You even have the option of buying our own system or renting a system from us.

Tandem Security provides a range of products to a number of embassies in Pretoria, so you can trust us to have thorough experience in the field of embassy security. Visit to browse our complete range of products.

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