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Infrared beams and perimeter control

Get the ultimate peace of mind through infrared beams and perimeter control

Unfortunately we live in a world where we have to face reality and take precautions for our own safety. Alarm systems have been around for a while to protect your possessions when you are out, but the fact is that material things can be replaced. You need to make sure that you and your family are safe when you are at home. You hear of many advanced technologies intended to keep you safe, but many of them are ridiculously expensive and highly complicated. You also don’t want to feel like a prisoner in your own home. Infrared beams and perimeter control might sound like one of these futuristic over-the-top mechanisms, but what if you could find a cost-effective, user-friendly system making use of this technology?

Victims often mention that the crime committed was not necessarily life-threatening or damaging in any which way – it is the way they felt afterwards that hit them the hardest. Just the thought of facing an intruder on your property can rob you of your confidence, making you feel unsafe and unwelcome in your own home. You want a system that can warn you of an intruder setting foot on your property, long before they even get close to your house itself.

The solution would be a system that operates with outdoor sensors monitoring obvious entry or funnel points on your property through which someone would move on their way to your house. Wireless passive infrared sensors can detect movement in these areas, sending a security-coded pulse signal via an integrated RF (radio) transmitter to warn you early on of such an intrusion. The portable radio receiver of such a system will then play back a prerecorded message to you, specific to the area where the movement has been detected. This means you can use it for many different functions, either warning you when someone is approaching your house from the outside, or even when small children are getting to close to the pool. In this way, you can always ensure the safety of your family.

Tandem security offers a system that can do all this and more. Visit to find out how you can get the ultimate peace of mind installed at your home.

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