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Be forewarned with SMS intruder notification

Home security is a topic that almost all of us are well-versed in nowadays. There are many different ways to protect your house, some of them more effective than others, and just as many unwanted factors related to this. How often have we heard people complain about an oversensitive alarm going off at the oddest of hours, disturbing the surrounding neighbourhood? Classic burglar bars aren’t fail-safe anymore, and who wants to feel like a prisoner in their own home in any case? What you need is an intelligent SMS intruder notification system that can warn you of possible dangers and escalate the warning as the problem becomes more threatening. Someone on the edge of your property is certainly not as threatening as someone in your living room.

Tandem Security offers you a system that can do just this. All areas, and all types of intrusion, are not of equal importance. It responds suitably to the level of intrusion, even distinguishing between someone approaching or moving away from your house. It can be set to SMS you if someone walks onto your driveway, but also to SMS as well as phone you if a car pulls up. If that person approaches into a specified close vicinity, say your porch, it can activate a strobe light and buzzer. The level of warning can be set to elevate, eventually adding sirens and armed response calls if required as the level of intrusion becomes more threatening. It might even turn on floodlights or auto-lock doors when the threat is at maximum.

The ‘silent’ warning at first gives you the advantage over the intruder as they do not know yet that they have been detected. This means that their guard will probably be down while you have time to mobilise against them.

A system like this may sound complicated to set up and extremely expensive, but you will be pleasantly surprised. The truth is it operates on simple, effective technology that is easy to install and even easier to operate. Visit to find out more about this advanced, intelligent SMS intruder notification security system and how to get it for your home.

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