Access Control For Complexes

Top Access Control Solutions for Complexes


Security is a crucial topic that requires thorough consideration and proper implementation. This is especially true in the South African climate where crime is a real threat to livelihoods. The need for safety and security becomes even more pronounced when dealing with spaces where a number of people come and go on a regular basis. One effective solution is to implement access control for complexes and similar spaces, whether they are commercial or residential in nature.


The importance of access control for complexes

There are numerous reasons to consider introducing access control for complexes. Each and every one of these make for a compelling argument on their own. Together, they make the decision to employ this security feature a no-brainer. Some of the benefits include:


  • By controlling and monitoring who can enter and leave an area, you can easily detect and deter intruders.
  • The controlled environment helps to reduce incidences of theft.
  • By keeping criminal elements out, it is easier to ensure the safety of employees and/or residents.
  • It also offers better protection for the buildings and structures that form part of complexes against vandalism or attacks.
  • Properly managed access control provides detailed visitor reports


Tandem Security Systems offers a range of solutions to suit every environment and need


There is more than one way to provide effective access control for complexes. Tandem Security Systems can help you identify what will work best for your needs, and supply and install the necessary equipment. The range of electronic equipment that can be used to grant entry includes:


  • Access cards: To gain entry into a complex, these cards or tags are presented to an electronic reader at the entrance, which then unlocks or opens the relevant door or gate. The time and identity of the tag is collected by a computer programme, which keeps record of all activity.


  • Biometric fingerprint readers: Instead of using tags or cards, entry can also be granted by using fingerprints. The same data recording process applies.


  • Automated gates, doors and traffic barriers (booms): These work in conjunction with the readers mentioned above, so that entry is automated. This eliminates the need for having all entry and exit points manned 24 hours a day.


To add to the security of complexes, these access solutions can also be combined with fully integrated CCTV systems to monitor the people who enter and leave, enabling a remote control room to verify that the person registered on the card is, in fact, the one entering the premises.


For more information on access control for complexes and to determine which solution will suit your needs best, contact the team at Tandem Security Systems.