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What is access control?

That is the different electronic equipment used to enter premises. The responsibility to grant access is taken away from security guards and is done electronically. To open doors, traffic barriers and gates,the following equipment can be used.

  • Access cards: Cards or tags can be presented at a reader to open a door etc. Keep in mind that a computer program is used to create time and attendance on a database. Hardware and software is included to create functionality to suit clients.
  • Biometric fingerprint readers can be used instead of readers. The same backbone of hardware and software can be used to allow access. It is important to use high quality equipment supplied by reputable suppliers.
  • Gate motors, doors, traffic barriers (booms) etc. can be opened by access control systems.

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Access control systems can be integrated with CCTV systems to monitor that the person registered on the card is the same person on the camera footage. Tandem Security Systems can assist clients to design a solution to suit their needs. Together with our suppliers we can advise different ways to design your system according to your specific needs before the tender process.

There are various brands of card and biometric systems on the market. The price range can often determine the functionality and quality thereof. The complexity of the programs has to be taken into account when deciding on a specific brand. Keep in mind that the system must not be complicated to manage.