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How Electric Fence Installations Can Keep Your Family Safer

Taking security seriously these days might make you feel like you are living in a prison in your own home. Luckily, with cutting-edge security technology like electric fence installations, you can still enjoy your property without feeling boxed in or claustrophobic. There are many benefits and advantages to investing in electric fencing. It offers a great and safer alternative to traditional barrier fences, such as woven or barbed wire.

It also offers an early detection system, alerting you to anyone trying to scale the fence or interfere with your security measures. Oftentimes, this early warning can make all the difference. It provides you with time to contact your private security company and get your family to safety. What’s more, electric fencing is also more durable than many other fence types, which can be routinely cut, gouged or scraped, leading to frustration and expenses.

Protect Your Family with Electric Fence Installation from Tandem Security Systems

At Tandem Security Systems, we provide various systems to provide you with the flexibility to design the enclosure that you need. Whether you are looking for a permanent electric fence installation, semi-permanent or portable application, we have the solution that you need. Our team is able to install electric fencing quickly and with ease, saving you time and labour costs.

Many of our clients have enjoyed reduced insurance premiums thanks to the installation of many of our security products. We are proud of our long service history in the industry, and continue to provide our clients with the innovative security solutions that they need to keep their families, businesses and assets safe from criminality.

While your electric fencing acts as a first barrier to keeping unauthorised people out of your property, other security devices can be added as an extra. It is possible to enjoy your home and the wonderful South African climate without feeling unsafe. We specialise in domestic electric fence installations, as well as corporate parks, industrial businesses, complexes and other specialist electric fence installations at National Key Points.

Industry-Leading Security Solutions

Since December 2012, new legislation requires that all electric fence installations comply with requirements of SANS 10222-3. An accredited person must issue a certificate of compliance for any new electric fence installations. Tandem Security Systems is proud to be accredited to issue this Certificate of Compliance to our valued clients.

Should a home be sold or rented out, this certificate is also required. We can provide you with this certificate in the event that you want to place your home on the market, or make it available for rental. Aside from these services, we also specialise in providing access control systems, garage and gate automation, as well as CCTV purchases and rentals.

Throughout the years, we have forged a strong reputation in the industry as a leader in our sector. Let us help your business and home secure itself against intrusions and criminal threats. Contact us at Tandem Security Systems to learn more about our company, and for all the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.


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