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INTERCOM SECURITY SYSTEMS allow us to assess a problem, undetected

Intercom security systems, now more advanced than ever,  are a wonderful safety feature for homes and businesses, because they allow you to actually see and communicate with visitors at the door before you decide whether you want to open to them or not.

By integrating intercom security systems, a business can reduce the cost of employing several security guards. Sound detection intercoms allow just one or two guards to unobtrusively monitor areas for unexpected sounds. Random audio monitoring and automatic sound detection can significantly raise a business's security level.

Intercom systems, mostly incorporated at entry doors or gate areas and properly data-integrated with intrusion alarms and access control equipment, allow us to assess situations, evaluate problems and react.. Voice also adds another means of verification and two-way communication can assist an employee for instance who has forgotten an access card..

Residential buildings such as apartments and town house complexes also use intercoms to protect tenants and visitors, and main entrances can be monitored by one security room when the intercoms are integrated with a CCTV system. It requires just one guard to watch and control access to the front door where residents and visitors enter.

Intercom security systems cater for all access applications, from standard to sophisticated digital audio and video entrance systems for larger applications. Choosing professional and high quality products is absolutely vital – it's peoples lives that security systems are protecting more than ever these days in South Africa.

The goal of any effective security system is to reduce theft and save lives. Protecting you is what we do best at Tandem  - and our state-of-the-art home and business intercom security systems have been formulated after much research, and have been selected  for each client based on their efficient functionality and sturdy simplicity.

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