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ELECTRIC FENCES PRETORIA – leaders in electric fencing technology

Security is a key issue in South Africa today, doesn't matter who you are, and perimeter fencing is used very effectively to help with home security, schools, hospitals, factories, car parks, military bases, prisons and more.

Consisting of electric wires carrying high voltage electric pulses that will provide a non-lethal shock to an intruder; electric fences Pretoria makes available the ultimate security fencing system; systems that are continually being researched and developed to make them more secure than ever!

The number and distance between wires and zone length are some of the configurations used to meet requirements. Electric fences Pretoria can be installed vertically or at an angle to provide wider physical barriers that make intrusion by way of digging and climbing impossible, and can be added on existing perimeter fences, on the top of walls, or as a stand-alone fence.
Electric fences Pretoria don't only install electric fences for homes, warehouses and industrial sites – electrified fencing is extremely popular for farmers and game reserves, who not only need to keep animals in, but keep stock thieves and poachers out. Available in various wire gauges to match each application and galvanized for rust resistance, electric wire fencing can also provide added security to existing fences, and the chargers or energizers and other accessories are all tailored to your specific needs.

Fence monitoring is an integral part of electric fences Pretoria, and the energizer continuously monitors the battery condition, so that if the voltage drops too low it automatically conserves energy by reducing the output energy.

Electric fences Pretoria provides qualified solutions for any security problems you may have. Our experienced personnel are trained under the most current security and operational procedures,  which means we are able to provide the maximum protection and highest level of service, which is what crime ridden South Africa desperately needs right now.

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