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SLIDING GATE MOTORS – dedicated to  precision performance

Sliding gates bring convenience and security into our lives.  What is nicer than on a dark and windy night than being able to enter your property with a mere touch of a button, allowing access without leaving the comfort of your car. Sliding gate motors, which can be strategically positioned, above or underground,  are used for steel gates or wooden gates and for domestic and industrial applications.   

Underground sliding gate motors are a popular choice for those who don't want to see any attachments to their sliding gate set-up. Robust and able to operate in damp conditions, underground gate motors can be operated by all standard remote controls and key pads etc.

There are many makes and models of sliding gate motors for a range of gate sizes and weights, as well as taking into account the number of times the gate will be opened and closed each day. A security problem can occur when the gate is in operation; therefore the speed and mode of operation of the automatic gate is hugely important. What is required is a fast moving gate, which closes the moment a vehicle has passed through the entrance.

With so many motors available, you will be able to have a motor that best suits your specific application. All sliding gate motors incorporate an emergency manual override feature so that gates can be opened and closed in the event of a power failure or emergency. The control panel can also be programmed to accommodate timed auto-closure and partial opening to allow for pedestrian access.

The sliding gate should be properly balanced vertically and horizontally so as not to put strain on the motor.; the gate must slide as smoothly and lightly as possible. It is important to select a reliable and reputable company to install your unit in order to ensure you get a quality product that satisfies all your performance requirements!

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