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Electronic Fences Pretoria - the right to use lethal force

Criminals thrive on easy targets; waiting and watching, and homeowners should be able to do anything they can to protect their investments. Electronic Fences Pretoria plays such an important role; their objective is to keep thieves out; and strong electronic fences are a great precaution. But the role of the electric fence doesn't end there – farmers and nature conservationists need electric fences to keep their cattle and wild animals safe from wandering onto their neighbors land and also to prevent  illegal poachers and thieves from causing havoc.

Electronic fences Pretoria provide a physical barrier... intruders are exposed to high voltage pulses that deter them. An electric fence not only acts as a line of defense; it acts as an early warning alarm system because it can be connected to 24/7 security companies, alerting police of an attempt of entry before intruders actually gain access. Electric fences, whether for farms, homes or businesses, offer effective security and peace of mind.

The length of the fence contributes to the fence load; the longer the fence, the less ability it has to store the energy supplied by the Energiser, and trees or vegetation growing on the fence also contribute to a heavy fence load... this is why it is so important to get professionals in to install an electric fence. Electronic fences Pretoria  know about these things; know about proper construction with quality components, know all about installing an adequately powered energiser, a proper earth installation and can advise on good management practices which are key to keeping fence load under control.

Wall top electric fences, freestanding electric fences; solid stainless steel or high tensile double galvanised wire? How can you possibly know which fencing provides the most strength and long life?

Electronic fences Pretoria provides a variety of electric fences, both for the domestic and industrial market, and with our experience and large range of products there will be something that will fit all your requirements.

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