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Motor Energizers - continue to work in a power failure

More and more people are upgrading their home security to include installations such as motorized gates, garage door motor energizers, electric fencing or infrared beam sets, and all these measures are solid investments in terms of the value added to the property and to the security they bring, but what happens to homes and businesses when the lights go out, and thieves take advantage of crippled security systems?

Energizers vary in their source of power and their power output. They fall into two groups - battery powered or mains powered. Solar powered systems are increasingly popular and involve the use of a battery powered unit used in conjunction with a solar panel.

Fortunately there are an excellent range of motor energizers that combine the advantages of power with a battery backup; perfect for powering a range of electric fences and gates for a range of applications – private residential, industrial, commercial, game reserves and farms.

Motor energizers are what powers an electric gate, and while gates can provide protection for properties, they can be an inconvenience when lightning strikes or when there is a power failure. You can simplify the process with an automatic gate opening system with battery back-up -  lets you control your gate from the comfort of your vehicle even in times of no electricity; a practical choice for providing guaranteed security in regions where electricity is unreliable in South Africa.

The battery backup system in motor energizers will operate your home garage door or gate for several full operations without being connected to any additional electrical power. Once the power has been restored, the battery backup will automatically recharge, ready for the next time you need it.

An inconsistent supply of electricity has the power to render you and your business powerless. We install tailor-made electric fencing, gates and motor energizers with battery back-up that offers our clients optimum security performance
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