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Most cities around the globe have pressing problems with infrastructure and crime, and many in the second and third world are also saddled with sprawling and lawless shanty towns.  Officials working to alleviate crime, score some admirable success in increasing safety with electric fences because they are a cost-effective physical & psychological barrier, guarding against intruders. The success of an electric fence is due in part to the psychological threat of receiving an electric shock of unknown severity.

Many people can testify how electric fences have paid for themselves in a short time by reducing the need for expensive manned guarding.

When installing electric fences, first consider -

  • the total length of the fence
  • the length of the supply lines from the energizer to the electric fence and what type of energizer to choose – mains, solar or battery, as well as the direction of the current flow.

Fence controllers have the ability to be used in conjunction with most forms of access control, such as swipe cards and CCTV, but the effectiveness of fences is dependent on their type, condition and maintenance.

Fencing is a great method to protect your perimeter security, and includes not just fencing for private homes, but for factories, hospitals, and businesses.  They provide crowd control and help deter casual trespassing by controlling access to entrances. Our electric fences can be attached to an existing perimeter fence or to an existing physical perimeter barrier or used as a stand-alone fence system and will interface with standard security equipment.

The principles of perimeter security are much the same, even though technology has certainly improved. Electric fences can be built as a strong decorative fence, and at Tandem we can supply you with beautifully crafted, individual designs, to make your home or premises both more secure and unique. We also have a range of standard designs suitable for a wide variety of residential and commercial installations.

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