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If the government of South Africa does nothing to curtail violent crime, it's up to us to secure ourselves with electric protection, because we might well be the next person slaughtered at home for R50. An electric fence and gates can go a long way in offering security for businesses, game reserves, farms and private residential properties.

Ordinary gates are often left open simply because it is just too much trouble to manually open and close them every time you pass through your drive which is an open invitation for undesirables wanting to enter. One of the many benefits of electric protection from an automated gate is that you never have to exit your car to open up; you just drive straight in. There are just so many benefits from installing electric gates: security and adding to the value of your home are two of the most important.

Obviously your budget, how formidable you want your fence to look and what value you put on the contents of your home or business will play a part  in your choice of fencing.

Whichever electric protection system you choose,  a good security plan should include strong burglar proofing, sturdy lock products and strong electric fencing with an intercom, or you can protect your home or business with a high-tech security camera system; with hundreds of models to fit your needs, their main use is to record and identify intruders reactively. 

Far too often installers without training are installing access control system devices which effectively place the occupants in potential jeopardy should an emergency situation occur.
Being switched on to electric protection means that the products have to be engineered and properly installed.  When planning any security products, what the product is designed to accomplish is often the first consideration, but choosing the right company will make a substantial impact on the success of your electric protection – choose Tandem and choose success.

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