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Access Control Systems

Access control systems are required equipment if the minders of business or private premises are to accurately monitor all persons entering or leaving the property. Infrared beams and other intruder detection systems may be of great help to private residents or business owners, alerting them to unauthorised access or crime, and they also make the police’s task easier. Card readers and associated access monitoring equipment give business owners tangible statistics as to the whereabouts and working hours of employees and may be of great help to improve productivity.

Wireless infrared beams are easy to set up, inconspicuous and very useful for detecting unauthorised entry to premises. Several zones may be programmed into the base station, more sensors could be added and SMS capability could alert you via a text message on your cell phone that the sensor has been triggered. As an added benefit, the system is portable and you may take it with you when you move.

The B1000 intercom system is a popular and cost-effective access control system, especially for security complexes. It works with a cellular phone that contacts residents; up to three numbers per resident may be stored. The system can be programmed via the Internet.

Tag and access card readers could help company managers keep tabs on employees’ working hours. A single reader may be installed, or it may serve as a “master”, with many “slave” readers optional at other locations or entrances. Hundreds of tags may be programmed into the system.

Traffic barriers and traffic booms are access control systems that control traffic access at busy entrances and exits. These could be automatically activated by tags. Spike barriers may also be fitted in high security areas.

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