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Tandem Security supplies CCTV cameras

Tandem Security is a supplier of CCTV cameras, either for purchase or rental.  CCTV (Closed-circuit Television) solutions are used where permanent surveillance is required.  CCTV cameras are used in both domestic and corporate applications.

The most basic domestic installation is an intercom outside the property, fitted with a CCTV camera that relays its image to a screen integrated with the handset unit inside the home.  This offers the worst image quality of all the solutions, but it is the cheapest.  Alternatively, a separate camera can be installed at the gate, which is connected to a monitor inside the house, either wirelessly (by a radio signal) or by cable.  A quad splitter is installed where more than one camera is required.  As the name implies, this usually links four cameras to one monitor.  The user can switch between camera views on the monitor, or choose to display multiple views.  If recording capability is required, the splitter can be replaced by an embedded DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

Many corporate CCTV systems installed in shopping centres, offices or factories make use of a battery of 16 cameras linked to a dedicated computer.  This type of system offers many advantages: the computer may be connected to the Internet, digital recording of footage is possible, the system can be used to set alarms and cameras may be individually controlled.  These systems may even be integrated into the access control system, enabling one to control doors, booms and turnstiles.

Tandem Security supplies these CCTV cameras and solutions to private and corporate clients.  Contact us for a formal presentation, based on your specific security needs.

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