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Tandem Security installs electrical fencing

It is perhaps unfortunate that electrical fencing is no longer the preserve of large companies or the well-moneyed.  Electric fences are increasingly used at private residences, security villages and small businesses, as crime has escalated in South Africa.  Tandem Security is your electrical fencing specialist.

Tandem Security has the unique advantage of manufacturing several of its own electric fence components.  This enables us to not only keep close tabs on quality control, but also to purposely design components to meet our requirements and to enable us to custom design solutions for our clients.  We design any type of electric fence solution, whether it is an electric fence on top of an existing wall or fence, or a free-standing electric fence.  The fences that we install on top of existing walls or fences usually stand at least 0.8m proud of the fence to be effective.  Seven lines are usually fitted on square tubing that can be made up according to the requirements of the installation.  This type of electric fencing can also be installed on sliding gates.

Free-standing electric fencing serves a double purpose.  Firstly, it creates a fence where there was none, and secondly, it is an electrified barrier.  A free-standing fence is often used to keep people and/or animals out of a property, or to keep animals inside, like on game farms.  The free-standing fence is made to the client’s requirement to any height.  Some clients prefer the dual security of installing a full free-standing fence next to an existing fence or wall, instead of the 0.8m section on top.

Tandem Security has the expertise to meet all your electrical fencing requirements.  Contact us for an evaluation of your property.

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