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Tandem Security supplies and maintains gate motors

Gate motors have revolutionised the way we think about gaining access to premises.  Many years ago, it was a given that gates were manually operated, either by a guard who would open the gate for you, or by yourself.  Gate motors run off mains power and has a pinion wheel that runs on the gate’s rack to open a sliding gate electrically.  The gate motor is operated from a keypad or a remote control.  Tandem Security supplies, installs, maintains and services gate motors.

Some gate motors are entirely reliant on mains power.  If there is a power failure, the gate does not work and the motor has to be manually disengaged to enable the operator to manually open and close the gate.  This may be achieved by unlocking a lever and disengaging the pinion from the rack or, on other types of motors, by turning a knob inside the gate motor that disengages its clutch.  Some gate motors are fitted with batteries, which enable them to operate for a certain number of open and close cycles, even when the mains power is out.

Gate motors are designed to work on many types of gates.  The simplest application is the sliding gate, whereby the motor’s pinion runs on the gate’s rack as it slides open.  However, a swing gate can be fitted with arms connected to a motor that swings the gate open.  Double swinging gates usually require a doubling up of all the componentry needed for a single swinging gate.  Some gate motors may be mounted underground for security purposes or to clean up the appearance of the gate.

Tandem Security can advise you on an electric gate solutions and gate motors.  We take into account the type and size/weight of the gate.  We can also maintain and service the gate motor.  Contact us today for your gate automation solution.

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