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GATE MOTORS - the driving force

Just as it is crucial to select the correct tool for any job, so too are the right gate motors essential for automation of a gate. It is easy to underestimate how hard some motors will have to work, and often the price of the gate dictates a purchase, when in fact other factors are far more important. One needs to bear in mind the cost implication if a product of inferior quality fails. A good quality product might cost more up front, but it is a better long-term investment, able to do the job properly and for a long time.

When installing gate motors, one of the most important factors to take into consideration is the fact that the gate itself is correctly installed. Is the gate properly balanced? It should be balanced vertically, but it must also be balanced horizontally so that it opens or slides with equal force. Suitable mechanical end-stops are also important then to ensure that they can withstand the full impact of the gate when working under full power of the motor.

There are a couple of factors that need to be considered regarding the motor:

- The physical mass of the gate. Rugged, strong gate motors should be designed to handle heavy industrial gates. Care must be taken to ensure that the gate slides slide smoothly. Remember also, that in the event of a system failure or emergency situation, an average person must be able to slide the gate open with relative ease.

- It is critical to know how often the gate is required to operate. Overheating resulting in shutdown in multiple usage applications needs to be considered.

- The pull force required to move the gate - the power of the motor will determine this.

It goes without saying that, besides choosing quality gate motors that satisfy all your performance requirements, unless you have made sure that it is properly installed by a reputable company like Tandem Security, you cannot be guaranteed of a reliable system.

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