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Why choose access control gates?

Fencing is the optimum way to protect your property, family and pets. With fencing around your property you prevent children and pets from playing in the street or away from the safety of your property. Fencing also act as a very good deterrent for uninvited guests that would like to access your property. However with fencing surrounding your property there is the inconvenience of having to physically open your gates, therefore many people opt for access control gates. With this innovation you are able to open your gate with the press of a button and with the many features that are now available with access control gates it is safer than ever before.

The benefits of access control gates

The feature of access control gates from which people benefit the most is the fact that you no longer need to alight from your vehicle to open the gate. The other benefit is that no matter what the weather is like you will be able to open your gates from the safety, comfort and convenience of your vehicle. The other feature for which electric gates are purchased is for the added safety benefits that gates provide. The safety features that access control gates provide is not limited to the prevention of accidents involving the gate but also for added safety benefits to your security from external factors.

The features of an automatic gate that benefits your family, pets and possessions such as your car is the feature that prevents the gate from closing on your family, pets or your car. Other features that could be included with access control gates is that of lights that detect motion. With this feature a gate will not close until motion is no longer detected therefore giving added peace of mind with regard to the safety of your small children and pets. The security features that access control gates provide from external factors include the fact that no one can enter your property via your gate unless they have remote access. This way you can ensure that you know who is at the gate before opening the gate. With an added intercom system you will be able to determine whether or not you should open the gate from the safety and convenience of your Home.

A supplier of quality access control gates

Tandem Security has been in the security industry for over a decade and as such are aware of the features that are required to ensure optimum safety to your property. Tandem Security installs only the very best quality and ensures that the gate motor used for your gate works effectively and efficiently. With the numerous security companies available it is important to use a security company that is experienced and reliable. When it comes to access control gates and other security products there is not a more reliable competitor. Tandem Security is a company that provides professional and honest advice regarding the security products from which your Home will benefit.

Tandem Security will be able to provide you with quality access control gates as well as CCTV surveillance products, intercom systems and all the features that make controlling access to your property a lot easier. Contact Tandem Security for a quote for an automatic gate. You will not regret installing this in your Home; consider it money well spent.