One has to look at all options these days to effectively protect your Home and business and automatic motor gates provide a solution to that as well as the fact that it is a product that enhances any property. People going on retirement particularly, are those moving to country areas or into secure old-age villages, and because security and convenience are key issues for retirees, many of them put these security products above all other considerations. Automatic motor gates are also as important to them as a motorized garage door is to most Home owners. There are also other reasons that drive the need for a gate system, many elderly people have trouble getting in and out of their vehicles and they can use the help that an automated system provides, particularly in bad weather.

  • How an automatic motor gate works

A radio signal is sent from a transmitter in your vehicle to a receiver box that is mounted near the gate. The receiver is wired to a control box and activates a circuit that moves the gate opener arm. The arm swings the gate open and the gate can then be closed in a variety of ways such as pushing the transmitter button again, or the gate can be set to close automatically after a certain amount of time.

  • Why consider automatic motor gates?
Gates provide an effective deterrent to trespassers, as well as keeping unwanted visitors out. They are also an effective way of preventing animals and young children straying from the safe confines of Home boundaries. With manual gates you have the danger and inconvenience of having to open and close them especially in rainy weather. Personal security is maximised as the gate can be operated remotely so you do not have to leave the safety of a locked vehicle before accessing and securing your property. Installation of automatic motor gates and all the components is a flawless operation from the start for Tandem Security; from design to installation, you won't find a more prompt and trusted company.


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