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What to know about automatic sliding gates?

When it comes automatic gates there two main options that are available; swing gates and automatic sliding gates. Automatic gates are considered by many people not only as a security solution but a convenience. When contemplating installing an automatic gate it is important that you consider the various different options that are best suited to your specific needs and what type of system you require. The system that we will be looking at is automatic sliding gates and the specifications thereof.

Conditions for installing automatic sliding gates

There are several aspects that need to be considered when it comes to the installation of automatic sliding gates. These gates are popular for both residential and commercial properties. Although there are several things that you need to consider with the assistance of a security consultant you will be able to select the right gate, motor and automation system to suit your specific needs. The various aspects that need to be considered when installing automatic sliding gates are:

  • When it comes to automatic gates that slide out it is important that you remember that these gates require a storage area. The storage area of automatic sliding gates has to be equal in length to the length of the gate. Therefore the storage area and the opening together will be twice the length of the actual gate.
  • The clearance that is required for automatic sliding gates, if the height of your gate is four meters then the clearance of the side should be 4,2 meters. The area on the ground where the track for your sliding gate will be installed should be solid to allow for installation.
  • When it comes to the automation of your gate it is important that you have the right motor that will be able to open and close the gate with ease. Selecting the right motor for automatic sliding gates can involve various conditions, this can be determine with the assistance of a quality gate automation company.
  • It is important to understand how access will be gained into your property via your gate. Remote access can be installed on sliding gates as well as key pads which require a pin. Many people opt for the added benefit of an intercom system when it comes to automatic sliding gates as this enables you to determine who is at the gate without any risk posed to yourself.

When it comes to gate automation it is important that you make use of a reliable and experienced security company. Tandem Security is a security company that has been in the security industry for over a decade. Tandem Security provides all their customers with various security services and products to ensure that you have an all round integrated security solution. If you are looking for a reliable company to handle your gate automation then Tandem Security is the right solution for you. Contact Tandem Security for professional and honest advice regarding automatic sliding gates and the right automation system to suit your specific needs.