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BATTERY OPERATED GATE MOTOR – convenience and safety is what its about

Tired of stopping your vehicle and manually opening and closing your gate every time you leave or come Home to discover there has been a power failure in your absence? Tired of constantly being a target for criminals scoring from your closed and silent gate? By making sure you have a battery operated gate motor, you can continue to enjoy controlling your gate from the safety of your vehicle!

Working during power failures
The battery operated gate motor, which is charged with a transformer, will even work during power cuts, providing power for several opening and closing cycles before needing a recharge and is suitable for single or double gate opening systems.

Will a battery operated gate opener work on any gate?
Battery motors are designed to fit on most types of gates – swing, sliding, farm, domestic and industrial. Automation typically includes a gate opener and a remote control but additional devices such as a backup battery and intercom are there to complete the usability of your gate. Most power failures are no longer due entirely to a storm, load shedding means that you are likely to be caught off-guard more often than not, so the whole idea of automating your gate is missed if you need to get out of your car during a power cut to manually operate the gate.

A battery operated gate motor is an affordable solution for stormy or treacherous nights. Although all gate automation units have a manual override key, a back-up battery is recommended if the automated gate is the only access to your premises.

Benefits of back-up battery operated gate motors  

  • The are quiet and don't not make a noise like generators.
  • The switch over automatically when the power goes off.
  • Gives you enough hours of power till electricity is restored.
  • Recharges automatically when the power comes back on.
Whether its commercial, industrial or private, a battery operated gate opener from Tandem Security will ensure that life continues pretty much uninterrupted. Don't be caught off guard, Tandem' expert workmanship will ensure a smooth transition.