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CCTV Cameras

Tandem Security Installs CCTV Cameras

The main purpose of CCTV cameras is to allow remote viewing from several cameras back to one location, usually within the same building. CCTV cameras broadcast only within their own closed circuit and not to outside receivers. The relayed imagery is secure and can be displayed on several different monitors. Alternatively, the feeds can be alternately displayed on one monitor or tiled for simultaneous viewing. Tandem Security designs and installs CCTV camera solutions and we offer CCTV systems for hire as well.

There are many different models of CCTV camera and each has different features and characteristics, depending on the type of application and, of course, the budget. Some of these features may include high-resolution colour ability, mega-pixel image quality and remote tilting, panning and zooming facilities. Cameras may be mounted in hidden locations to be invisible to potential intruders, or they may be pendent- or ceiling dome-mounted. Vandal-resistant installations are also available.

One of the biggest advantages of a CCTV system is that it is always on; access points are constantly monitored and when coupled to a digital video recorder, footage may be reviewed later and may assist greatly in post-crime analysis and identification of perpetrators. The CCTV system may be set up to allow viewing via the Internet. Therefore, CCTV systems have become expected security equipment at many residential, retail, industrial and commercial properties.

Contact Tandem Security today for CCTV cameras and other security solutions. We design and install integrated, networked security solutions that fit your budget and specific requirements, whether it is a large-scale access control system in a business environment or a simple home security alarm or gate automation solution.

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