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Using electricity as a safety measure

For many people knowing there are security measures in place at your premises is a reassuring fact. As we live in a day and age where crime is increasing yearly; keeping your family and your assets safe has become a full time activity. There are many security solutions that are available to you as a person and selecting the appropriate solution can be a daunting task. However there is one security solution that every premises can benefit from, this is of course electric fences.

Factors in selecting the right electric fences

There are a couple of factors that contribute towards the effectiveness of electric fences and which should be taken into consideration when getting electric fences installed. The first and foremost factor of electric fences is that the structure of the fences should be stable enough to keep intruders out. Remember that electric fences act as a front line defense therefore the electric fences should employ the use of the highest voltage possible and should also have an alarm system to warn of tampering of the fences. The alarm system that is used with electric fences can be operated as a separate unit or the alarm system can be routed through your existing alarm company.

There are two different types of electric fences that can be installed on your premises depending on the set up of your property and your necessary security requirements. There are wall top electric fences which is electric fencing mounted to the top of an existing wall or fence around your property. The second option is a freestanding electric fence which is constructed from scratch and the fence is electrified from the top to the bottom. Freestanding electric fences are popular on small holdings as well as gem farms.

Added benefits of electric fences

The biggest and most important benefit of electric fences is that you are ensured of greater security. These fences are also beneficial as they reduce the frequency of false alarms and improve the physical barrier of your premises. The alarm that goes off when the electric fences are cut or tampered with act as an early detection system and warns you of possible intruders. If you are not at your Home or business the fences can be monitored by your local armed response unit. An added extra with your electric fences is that a strobe light can be fitted onto your property to indicate that the alarm went off, this light will continue to flash until such time that it is switched off.

Tandem Security Systems – a security partner

Looking for an established, reliable and professional security company to handle the assessment of your property as well as the installation of your electric fences is often less than easy. However Tandem Security Systems is a company that has been in the security industry since 1997 and have been assisting people to make their premises a safer place. Tandem Security Systems is a company that provides high quality security solutions from CCTV to access control and electric fences. Tandem Security Systems can be trusted to give accurate and honest advice on the security systems that you need.

There is no better security partner that you could have when it comes to securing your property. Tandem Security Systems is a security company that has been providing properties in and around Pretoria with electric fences that are of high quality and standards. Contact Tandem Security Systems today for your quote.