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Electrifying the perimeter

Feeling safe in your own Home or office premises is often not an easy task and if with the security of burglar bars and burglar alarms sometimes these deterrents are just to late. In today's day and age criminals are more and more blatant in their attacks, a front line warning system is required to alert of possibly intrusion. This front line detection system should be nothing other than electrical fencing around your property whether it be your Home or your office.

Main features of electric fencing:

Knowing what the main features of electric fencing is and what the electric fencing is supposed to achieve is important to know as to ensure you have only the highest quality. One of the most important features is that electric fencing must be stable enough to keep intruders out. A security system that cannot keep intruders out is not much of a security system. Secondly The voltage for the fencing should be as high as possible and the fencing should also have an alarm that sounds if someone interferes with the fencing. The alarm for the fencing can operate on a separate system or the alarm can be connected to your existing alarm company should you already have an alarm.

There are two different types of electric fencing that can be installed on your property the first is wall top electric fencing and the second is free standing electric fencing. From the names you can distinguish the difference between the two products; for the first products the fencing goes atop an existing wall or fence. The second product involves building the entire fence meaning that it will be electric fencing from the top to the bottom. The first product is the most popular among residential properties and business properties while the free standing fencing is popular for small holdings and game farms.

Electric fencing can be used in many applications and is not restricted to residential Homes. Electric fencing is also used for government property as well as office premises where information as well as assets are important to protect. Electric fences are important in Homes as this security system warns you about possible intruders and allows you to protect your family. Electric fencing is also used in game farms to warn owners of the threat of poachers but also for special breeding camps to ensure that predators are kept out of the camps.

Once you have decided that electric fencing is what your property needs the next step is to find a reputable and reliable security company. Tandem Security Systems is a security company that has been assisting people to make their premises a safer place with features such as electric fencing, access control, CCTV and intercom systems. Tandem Security was registered in 1997 so they have been in the security systems industry for a decade already. Their knowledge and expertise are invaluable in assessing the security systems that your property would benefit from. Tandem Security Systems can be trusted to provide professional and honest security advice.

Tandem Security Systems makes use of only the highest quality materials to ensure that all security systems including electric fencing are of the highest quality. Tandem Security Systems is the security company to ensure that your family and your assets are protected from the potential intruders. Contact Tandem Security Systems today to find out more about the security systems they have to offer.