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Electric Fencing

Tandem Security is a security company situated in South Africa which professionally and effectively deals with the development and installation of security systems which includes electric fencing and automatic garage doors. Electric fencing is a popular element used in security systems as electric fences offer more security than a plan security fence. Electric fencing is combined with a security gate with gate automation for added security.

Electric fencing is one of the more conventional measures used in security systems as electric fencing is being used as an addition to security fencing which aids in preventing intruders from entering private property. Electric fencing is extremely beneficial as used as part of a security system. Electric fencing is easy to install and electric fencing can be installed in practically any security system on any type of property.

Electric fencing is a very popular choice in physical security systems in South Africa because it aids as a warning to all wishing to trespass onto private property. Electric fencing forms part of the exterior security system. Electric fencing's main objective is to prevent trespasing while internal alarm systems alert if intruders have indeed entered the premises.