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ELECTRIC GATE MOTORS – the backbone of electric gates

The type of electric gate motors that will be used depends upon a number of factors that an experienced installer like Tandem Security will take into consideration, and these include the size and weight of the gate as well as the the number of times the gate will be opened and closed each day. An automatic gate opener is the mechanism that opens and closes the electronic gate, so when the gate opener receives a signal from an access control like a keypad, the receiver box, which is usually mounted near the gate, opens or closes the gate, reversing if there is an obstacle in its path, and it can also be instructed to leave the gate open if required. An electric gate motor will work with most gates, however you should check that your gate is always in good operating condition so as not to put strain on the motor.

How fast does the gate motor open the gate?
For electric sliding gates, the power of the electric gate motor is the most important factor. The way to determine how much power you need would be to determine the weight of your sliding gate first. For the average residential gate, lower powers would be suitable but for industrial gates, intensive electric gate motors are recommended. The opening time depends on how heavy and long the gate is but most gates will open to 90-degrees in approximately 20 seconds.

The best type of motor:

Underground electric gate motors usually offer higher quality, and as the name implies, they are installed underground and can even work underwater, however, it is not recommended to place them in locations which are prone to water exposure because as time goes on, they might start letting water in and just stop working.

The backbone of any electric gate is the motor, saving people from having to manually push the gate open or closed. Click here to contact Tandem Security who will advice on the installation of an electric gate as well as the type of motor that is required