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ELECTRIC GATE MOTORS – continuously on the go

Electric gate motors supply the power that will be opening and closing your automatic gate and when you consider how many people there are living in a huge block of flats, all with cars, and most of them leaving and returning each day at the same time, then your realise how essential it is for the motor to be able to cope with the backwards and forwards motions of a gate continuously on the go. With some operators the power supply simply cannot cope and with other products the motor overheats.

Electric gate motors receive a signal from an access control, instructing it to open or close the gate. A radio signal is sent from a transmitter to a receiver box that is mounted near the gate. The receiver is wired to a control box which activates a circuit that moves the gate opener arm which in turn swings the gate open. The gate closes automatically ofter allowing the car or person in.

What to consider with the motor:

  • What sort of a gate is it, sliding or swing, and what size is the gate? A swing gate motor is generally designed for domestic use and has a much lighter duty cycle as compared to the heavier slide gate. Electric gate motors come in two styles for swing gates: linear and articulated, which is pad mounted and suited to heavier gates coping with high use areas. Very often you find that a gate is poorly maintained and with all the usage and wear and tear, the motor and the gate will degrade, so that what started initially as a smooth sliding gate soon wears to an installation where the wheels are worn and the rail is damaged, and this puts an enormous strain on the electric gate motor.
  • What is the weight and length of the gate?
  • What will the frequency of use be, particularly when you consider a block of flats and all the people living there?

Tandem Security can assist with the information you need when you are looking for an electric gate motor that will be able to cope with the demands of in and outgoing pedestrian and motor traffic.